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This will document the Quest API for Perl since that is what is used on EQ Archives. Also see the official EQEMU Quest API docs and Spire Quest API Explorer for latest definitions and Quest examples.

The EQEMU Quest API is largely event-based. Variables in the Perl API are available either as Perl Consts that are available for all events, or as variables that are exported specifically for a given event.


Quest Event subroutines are defined in the EQEMU Server source code at https://github.com/EQEmu/Server/blob/7873ad37710cfe65f75f63c92cb226787df23b70/zone/embparser.cpp#L59

Event Name Trigger Notes
EVENT_ITEM When an item or money is turned into the mob. This is actually aliased to EVENT_TRADE, and is exclusive to the Perl API (Lua uses EVENT_TRADE).

Perl Consts

The following variables are exported and are always available for use in NPC scripts.


Constant Description
$class The player's class Name (i.e. Rogue, Cleric, etc.). See also https://docs.eqemu.io/server/player/class-list/
$faction Provides the faction level the player has with the NPC's primary faction. This will be an integer between 1 (Ally) and 9 (Scowls). See also https://docs.eqemu.io/server/factions/faction-values/
$h Current heading of mob (i.e. the direction they are facing out of 360 degrees).
$mlevel Mob's (NPC) level
$mname Mob's (NPC) name
$mobid NPC ID - should line up with the ID in the npc_types table. See also https://docs.eqemu.io/schema/npcs/npc_types/
$name the player's first name
$race The player's race (i.e. Human, Erudite, etc.).
$status -2 = Banned, -1 = Suspended, 0 = Normal players, and > 1 are privileged users (Guides, GM); see https://docs.eqemu.io/server/player/status-levels/
$ulevel player (user) level
$uguild_id player (user) unique guild identifier in the database (an integer)
$uguildrank 0 = Member, 1 = Officer, 2 = Leader; see https://docs.eqemu.io/server/player/guild-ranks/
$userid player's unique identifier in the database (an integer)
$x Current x coordinates of mob.
$y Current y coordinates of mob.
$z Current z coordinates of mob.


Constant Description

Source Code

The best source of truth for quest api is in the EQEMU source code. The relevant files are as follows: