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Many of the EverQuest races have their own unique language. Languages can be taught to other races.

Players are able to talk to each other in different languages, however the messages will be encrypted if the player being talked to does not have a sufficient Language level.

Some races have their own unique languages, which are more difficult to decipher than the populous languages. If you train a language and attempt to speak it at a low skill level to a player who has mastery of it, they will see you are speaking that language but it will be encrypted. If a player speaks that language back to you while your skill is low enough, you will see it as "an unknown tongue" until you reach a skill level of 25 in that language.


A table of languages and who speaks them is found below. The number behind some races is the language skill those races start out with. For example Gnomes start with 54 skill in Dwarvish and Dwarves with 25 skill in Gnomish.

Races/Classes without a number behind them start with that language maxed out at 100.

NB: Below Language Codes assume that all languages are known. For example if you do not know #11 Thieves Cant, then Old Erudian will be 11, Elder Elvish will be 12 etc.

Language Code Language Spoken By Use
1 Common Tongue All Players
2 Barbarian Barbarians
3 Erudian Erudites
4 Elvish Dark Elves (25), Half-Elves, Wood Elves
5 Dark Elvish Dark Elves, High Elves (51)
6 Dwarvish Dwarves, Gnomes (54)
7 Troll Trolls
8 Ogre Ogres
9 Gnomish Gnomes, Dwarves (25)
10 Halfling Halflings
11 Thieves Cant All Rogues
12 Old Erudian Needs to be learned
13 Elder Elvish Dark Elves, High Elves (51)
14 Froglok Needs to be learned
15 Goblin Needs to be learned
16 Gnoll Needs to be learned Lets you read Tanned Split Paw Skins
17 Combine Tongue Needs to be learned
18 Elder Teir'Dal Needs to be learned Lets you read Dusty Kobold Scrolls
19 Lizardman Iksar
20 Orcish Needs to be learned
21 Faerie Needs to be learned
22 Dragon Needs to be learned
23 Elder Dragon Needs to be learned
24 Dark Speech Dark Elves, Iksar, Ogres, Trolls

Training Languages

The primary method of learning languages is to have them spoken to a player through the chat command "/gs <text>". The fastest way to learn a language is to find someone who already has learned the skill up to 100, change the chat channel language (using the UI or /language N). And spam an all lower case macro in group chat.

If neither you nor your partner have the language up to 100 all is not lost. You can train your partner(s) up to one skill level above your own. So as long as you put one point into the language at your class trainer then you can train your partner up to a skill of 2. Once you have done this, both zone and your partner's skill will have increased in their UI. Once you have zoned your partner can now train you up from skill 1 to skill 3. Then you zone and so on, each time jumping two skill points each.

You do not need to be in the same zone to learn languages if you are learning from a groupmate.

On live, language skills did not update in the UI until after you have zoned; However they did update on the server and you could 1+1 train without zoning. However there is a bug on p99 which enforces zoning to leap frog up through the languages. A bug has been raised however it's unlikely to be fixed any time soon. [1]

The way to tell whether a skill has been maximized is to make sure that training macros are completely lower case. When the skill is less than 100, the first character is auto-capitalized, when the text comes through clear of capital letters, you know you've hit 100.

At level 60 you should have something like 250 points at your trainer. You could burn these training points on languages, however it's recommended to save them for doing the last few points of trade skills Blacksmithing etc. (Note: you can only train about 20 points into trade skills like Blacksmithing, but silk casters might save those last few points for Research.)

Spell: AbjurationAlterationChannelingConjurationDivinationEvocationMeditateSpecialization
Specialize: AbjurationSpecialize: AlterationSpecialize: ConjurationSpecialize: DivinationSpecialize: Evocation
Weapon: Archery1H Slash1H Blunt2H Slash2H BluntPiercing2H PiercingThrowing
Combat: BashBlockDefenseDisarmDodgeDouble AttackDual WieldHand to HandHarm Touch
IntimidationKickLay on HandsOffenseParryRiposteSlamTaunt
Rogue: BackstabApply PoisonDisarm TrapsPick LockPick PocketSense Traps
Monk: Dragon PunchEagle StrikeFeign DeathFlying KickMendRound KickSafe FallTail Rake (Iksar)Tiger Claw
Bard: Brass InstrumentsPercussionStringed InstrumentsWind InstrumentsSinging
Non-Combat: Alcohol ToleranceBeggingBind WoundFishingForagingHide (Evade)Sense HeadingSneakSwimmingTracking