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Player crafted armor sets are generally restricted by armor wearing type (cloth, leater, chain, plate) and geared towards beginning players. Old world class-specific quested armor usually represents a significant upgrade, and will perhaps be best in slot until planar armor. Similarly, planar armor sets from either the Plane of Fear or the Plane of Hate will likely be best in slot until they can be replaced either by quest items from the Plane of Sky or god/dragon loot.

Kunark class armor (available only to some classes) will, again, be a significant upgrade. The progression of Velious armor sets is generally PoG, Thurg, Kael, Skyshrine, PoM. The three main faction cities have quested armor sets for all classes, while Growth and Mischief sets are available only to some classes.

This page also lists all crafted and dropped weapons that occur in sets.



Lambent Armor (Bard)
Armor of the Priest (Cleric)
Incandescent Armor (Enchanter)
Shadowbound Armor (Necromancer)
Armor of Ro (Paladin)
Ivy Etched Armor (Ranger)
Black Wolf Armor (Rogue) Barbarian Only
Ravenscale Armor Set (Rogue)
Darkforge Armor (Shadow Knight)
Totemic Armor (Shaman)
Crafted Armor (Warrior)
Bloodforge Armor Set (WAR, CLR, PAL) Dwarf Only


Sparring Armor (Monk) Iksar Only
Dreadscale Armor (Shadow Knight) Iksar Only
Scaled Mystic Armor (Shaman) Iksar Only
Trooper Scale Armor (Warrior) Iksar Only
Curscale Armor
Faydark Ringmail
Leech Husk Armor

Thurgadin Armor Sets

Resonant Armor (Bard)
Armor of Forbidden Rites (Cleric)
Rowyl's Armor of Nature (Druid)
Beguiler's Armor (Enchanter)
Arch Mage's Armor (Magician)
Grand Master's Armor (Monk)
Warlock's Armor (Necromancer)
Runed Protector's Armor (Paladin)
Runed Scout's Armor (Ranger)
Brigand's Armor (Rogue)
Dark Runed Armor (Shadow Knight)
Rune Crafter's Armor (Shaman)
Champion's Armor (Warrior)
Sage's Armor (Wizard)

Kael Armor Sets

Troubadour Armor (Bard)
Templar's Armor (Cleric)
Nature Walker's Armor (Druid)
Dazzling Armor (Enchanter)
Summoner's Armor (Magician)
Golden Star Armor (Monk)
Plague Bearer's Armor (Necromancer)
Shining Armor (Paladin)
Forest Stalker's Armor (Ranger)
Deceiver's Armor (Rogue)
Malevolent Armor (Shadow Knight)
Spirit Caller's Armor (Shaman)
Warlord's Armor (Warrior)
Armor of the Invoker (Wizard)

Skyshrine Armor Sets

Twilight Armor (Bard)
Akkirus' Armor of the Risen (Cleric)
Woven Grass Armor (Druid)
Illusionist's Armor (Enchanter)
Prestidigitator's Armor (Magician)
White Lotus Armor (Monk)
Rotting Armor (Necromancer)
Scaled Knight's Armor (Paladin)
Golden Leaf Armor (Ranger)
Shadow Armor (Rogue)
Blood Lord's Armor (Shadow Knight)
Wolf Caller's Armor (Shaman)
Myrmidon Armor (Warrior)
Icicle Armor (Wizard)




Cloth Armor
Netted Armor
Damask Armor
Gossamer Armor
Woven Armor


Mesh Armor
Dark Muslin Armor
Withered Leather Armor


Chainmail / Iron
Blackened Iron Armor
Ravenscale Armor (Rogue)


Bronze Armor
Rubicite No Longer Drops
Golden Efreeti Armor
Wind Etched Armor (Paladin)
Paineel Steel Armor
Blazing Fennin Ro Armor


Burynai Hide Armor
Flayed Skin Armor (SK / NEC)
Goblin Forged Armor
Incarnadine Armor (WAR / SK)
Jarsath Scale Armor
Kylong Armor
Reinforced Rhino Armor
Ruined Scaled Armor
Sebilite Scale Armor
Truesilver Mail
Crescent Armor (Monk)
Loam Encrusted Armor

Clicky Class Armor

Singing Steel Armor (Bard)
Donal's Armor of Mourning (Cleric)
Elder Spiritist's Armor (Druid)
Deepwater Armor (Paladin)
Tolan's Darkwood Armor (Ranger)
Mrylokar's Armor (Rogue)
Blood Ember Armor (Shadow Knight)
Jaundiced Bone Armor (Shaman)
Cobalt Armor (Warrior)



Blue Wicker Armor
Gnome Skin Armor


Dusty Burlap Armor
Nathsar Armor
Netted Kelp Armor
Soft Wicker Armor
Spider Fur Armor
Ulthork Hide Armor


Bamboo Splint Armor
Barbed Ringmail Armor
Crystallized Shadow Armor
Dragon Armor (Multiple)
Giant Scalemail Armor
Purified Spirit Armor


Black Ice Armor
Blood Runed Armor
Cold Iron Armor
Cold Steel Amor
Crustacean Shell Armor
Sentient Armor (Shadow Knight)
Sentry Armor
Guardian Armor
Ry`Gorr Chain Armor
Crystal Chitin Armor
Royal Velium Frosted Armor
Etched Iron Armor


Plane of Hate

Imbrued Armor (Bard)
Ethereal Mist Armor (Cleric)
Armor of Harmony (Druid)
Insidious Armor (Enchanter)
Apothic Armor (Magician)
Righteous Armor (Paladin)
Armor of the Untamed (Ranger)
Woven Shadow Armor (Rogue)
Rune Etched Armor (Shaman)
Scaled Heirophant Armor (Shaman) Iksar Only
Indicolite Armor (Warrior)
Legionnaire Scale Armor (Warrior) Iksar Only

Plane of Fear

Vermiculated Armor (Druid)
Shiver-back Hide (Monk)
Blighted Armor (Necromancer)
Valorium Armor (Paladin)
Thorny Vine Armor (Ranger)
Umbral Platemail (Shadow Knight)
Greenmist Armor (Shadow Knight) Iksar Only
Carmine Armor (Wizard)
Cryosilk Armor (INT Casters)
Lustrous Russet No Longer Drops

Plane of Growth

Melodic Armor (Bard)
Armor of Stability (Cleric)
Armor of Harmony (Druid) PoH 2.0
Resplendent Armor (Enchanter)
Armor of Conjuration (Magician)
Silver Moon Armor (Monk)
Armor of the Bonecaster (Necromancer)
Righteous Armor (Paladin) PoH 2.0
Armor of the Untamed (Ranger) PoH 2.0
Assassin's Armor (Rogue)
Noctivagant Armor (Shadow Knight)
Spirit Weaver's Armor (Shaman)
Berserker's Armor (Warrior)
Sorcerer's Armor (Wizard)

Plane of Mischief

Crazy Cleric Armor (Cleric)
Twisted Nature Armor (Druid)
Mischievous Dazzler Armor (Enchanter)
Sly Summoners Armor (Magician)
Monkey Hide Armor (Monk)
Maleficent Armor (Necromancer)
Shamanistic Shenannigan Armor (Shaman)
Wily Warlock Armor (Wizard)
Armor of Distraction




Patchwork Armor
Studded Armor
Reinforced Armor
Raw Silk Armor
Cured Silk Armor


Banded Armor
Ornate Chain
Fine Plate

Arctic Wyvern Armor (Shaman)
Black Pantherskin Armor (Monk)
Cobalt Drake Armor (All except NEC WIZ MAG ENC MNK)
Crystalline Silk Armor (All)
Haze Panther Armor (Rogue)
Holgresh Fur Armor (All)
Ice Silk Armor (NEC WIZ MAG ENC)
Othmir Fur Armor (All)
Tigeraptor Armor (Ranger)
Velium Hound Fur Armor (All)
Wu's Fighting Armor Set (Monk)



Northman Ring
Imbued Northman Ring

Dark Elf

Teir`Dal Chainmail
Enchanted Teir`Dal Chainmail
Imbued Teir`Dal Chainmail
Teir`Dal Adamantite Plate
Enchanted Teir`Dal Adamantite Plate
Imbued Teir`Dal Adamantite Plate


Dwarven Chain
Imbued Dwarven Chain (Bristlebane)
Imbued Dwarven Chain (Brell Serilis)
Dwarven Plate
Imbued Dwarven Plate
Enchanted Dwarven Plate
Enchanted Imbued Dwarven Plate


Imbued Steelsilk (Cazic Thule)
Imbued Steelsilk (Quellious)
Imbued Steelsilk (Prexus)


Clockwork Watchman Armor


Vale Studded Armor
Imbued Vale Studded Armor
Vale Reinforced Armor
Imbued Vale Reinforced Armor

High Elf

Elven Chainmail
Enchanted Elven Chain
Imbued Elven Chain
Koada`Dal Mithril Plate
Mystic Koada`Dal Mithril Plate
Imbued Koada`Dal Mithril Plate


Silver Full Plate
Electrum Full Plate
Gold Full Plate
Platinum Full Plate
Enchanted Full Plate (silver)
Enchanted Full Plate (electrum)
Enchanted Full Plate (gold)
Enchanted Full Plate (platinum)
Imbued Field Plate (Bertoxxulous)
Imbued Field Plate (Rodcet Nife)
Imbued Field Plate (Rallos Zek)
Imbued Field Plate (Karana)
Imbued Field Plate (Innoruuk)
Imbued Field Plate (Mithaniel Marr)
Imbued Field Plate (Erollisi Marr)


Cabilis Scale Mail
Imbued Cabilis Scale Mail


Ogre War Plate
Imbued Ogre War Plate (Cazic Thule)
Imbued Ogre War Plate (Rallos Zek)
Ogre Splintmail
Imbued Ogre Splintmail (Cazic Thule)
Imbued Ogre Splintmail (Rallos Zek)


none in classic

Wood Elf

Mithril Studded Armor
Imbued Mithril Studded Armor
Mithril Reinforced Armor
Imbued Mithril Reinforced Armor

Weapon Sets



Rusty Weapons
Bronze Weapons
Fine Steel Weapons
Ruined Weapons
Efreeti Weapons
Bane Weapons
Shadowed Weapons


Well-Balanced Weapons
Tarnished Weapons
Forged Weapons
Combine Weapons
Silvered Weapons


Balanced Weapons
Finely Crafted Weapons


Velium Weapons
Light Velium Weapons
Crafted Velium Weapons
Exquisite Velium Weapons
Primal Velium Weapons
Priceless Velium Weapons
Etched Velium Weapons
Focused Ethereal Weapons
Crystallized Shadow Weapons
Purified Crystal Weapons
Fading Shadow Weapons
Purified Weapons
Reinforced Bamboo Weapons

Class Specific Armor Progressions

This is an approximate armor progression break-down, but at the right-end (Velious armor) the "progression" is less clear cut. For instance, for some classes/slots Kael armor is superior to Skyshrine armor, and again for certain classes/slot either of those sets are superior to the equivalent Plane of Mischief armor.

Class Fear Hate Kunark Thurgadin Growth/Hate 2.0 Kael Skyshrine Mischief
Warrior - Indicolite, Legionnaire Scale (Iks) Cobalt Champion Berserker Warlord Myrmidon -
Monk Shiverback - - Grand Master's Silver Moon Golden Star White Lotus Monkey Hide
Rogue - Woven Shadow Mrylokar Brigand Assassin Deceiver Shadow -
Bard - Imbrued Singing Steel Resonant Melodic Troubadour Twilight -
Shadowknight Umbral, Greenmist (Iks) - Blood Ember Dark Runed Noctivagant Malevolent Blood Lord -
Paladin Valorium Righteous (2.0) Deepwater Runed Protector - Shining Scaled Knight -
Ranger Thorny Vine Untamed (2.0) Tolan Runed Scout - Forest Stalker Golden Leaf -
Druid Vermiculated Harmony (2.0) Elder Spiritist Rowyl Armor of Harmony Nature Walker Woven Grass Twisted Nature
Shaman - Rune Etched, Scaled Heirophant (Iks) Jaundiced Bone Rune Crafter Spirit Weaver Spirit Caller Wolf Caller Shamanistic Shenannigan
Cleric - Ethereal Mist Donal Forbidden Rites Stability Templar's Armor Akirrus Crazy Cleric
Necromancer Blighted - - Warlock Bonecaster Plague Bearer Rotting Maleficent
Magician - Apothic - Arch Mage Conjuration Summoner Prestidigitator Sly Summoners
Enchanter - Insidious - Beguiler Resplendent Dazzling Illusionist Mischievous Dazzler
Wizard Carmine - - Sage Sorcerer Invoker Icicle Wily Warlock

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