Cultural Tradeskills

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While a few of the normal Tradeskills are restricted by class, most races of Norrath can also craft recipes in either Blacksmithing or Tailoring unique to their race.

List of Cultural Tradeskills

The Iksar Race with Cultural Smithing (from Castersrealm)
  • Barbarians - Can forge a chain-class armor, plus weapons. The armor can be worn by all chain-wearing non-small, non-large folk, including iksar (no dwarves, gnomes, halflings, trolls or ogres). Use a Northman Forge.
  • Dark Elves - Can forge Adamantite Armor - both chain and plate varieties, plus weapons. The armor can also be worn by half elves. Use a Teir`dal Forge.
  • Dwarves - Can forge Brellium Armor - wearable by plate classes, plus weapons. The armor can also be worn by gnomes and halflings. Use a Stormguard Forge.
  • Erudites - Can tailor Erudite-only plate armor from the silk of Terrorantula. Use a Worn Erudite Sewing Kit.
  • Gnomes - Gnome cultural smithing is not yet ingame on p1999 (due to timeline reasons). But tinkering is.
  • Halflings - Can make Vale Leather Armor (tailored with smithing components). Use a Vale Forge for the smithing.
  • High Elves - Can make Mithril Armor which can also be worn by wood elves and half elves. Use a Koada`dal Forge for the smithing.
  • Humans - Can make Seafarers' Ringmail (Freeport), Field Plate (Freeport), Full Plate (Qeynos) armor sets. These can also be worn by barbarians, erudites, and half elves. Note that humans have TWO cultural forges, one in Freeport and one in Qeynos. They can make armor in both locations, but must use the proper forge with the proper recipe. Use either a Antonican Forge (not in game) or a Royal Qeynos Forge for the smithing.
  • Iksar - Can make Skyiron Armor, weapons, and shields. Use a Iksar Forge for the smithing.
  • Ogres - Can make Ogre War Plate and Ogre Splintmail armor sets, which can also be worn by trolls. Use a Oggok Forge for the smithing.
  • Trolls - Troll cultural smithing is not yet in-game on p1999 (due to timeline reasons).
  • Wood Elves - Can make Mithril Studded Leather and Mithril Reinforced Leather (tailored with smithing components) as well as Mithril Feir`dal weapons. Use a Fier`dal Forge for the smithing.

A Note About Armor Set Varieties

Some races have an absurd number of combinations which produce different armor sets. First, some races can produce multiple types of armor e.g "plate" and "chain." For each type, four combinations are possible:

  • Non-enchanted, non-imbued (normal)
  • Enchanted, non-imbued
  • Non-enchanted, imbued
  • Enchanted, imbued

Also, some races can use multiple gems to imbue to different deities, which means there could be multiple versions of either of the last two sets on that list.

Not all races get all exhaustive combinations (e.g. dwarven chain has no "non-enchanted,imbued" version).

Finally, many of these armor sets have identical in-game item names for the armor pieces. On the wiki these are separated into different pages. Unfortunately this will wreak some havoc with the item pricings from the auction tracker - prices will be found only on the page where the item name matches the in-game name and these prices could include auctions of different versions of that particular piece.