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Miragul's Highway is the name given to the firepots scattered throughout Norrath that were believed to be placed there by Miragul in order to facilitate his research into Necromancy, lichdom, and the discovery of magical artifacts. Perhaps the most well-known location is the firepot room below the ocean in Timorous Deep. However, other firepots are scattered throughout the world in seemingly innocuous places. The firepot near the adamantite vendor in the back of Neriak - Third Gate is believed to lead to the Tier`Dal encampment in The Lesser Faydark. There is another firepot in the Abandoned Hut in Toxxulia Forest that supposedly leads to the Qeynos Catacombs.

Note: These firepots were most likely an early idea by the developers at making travel for evil races less dangerous that they never fully implemented. Travel without a wizard or druid used to require crossing the oceans by boat, and these trips usually involved sneaking past good-aligned guards and NPC's at some point. Some have speculated that these were used at some point by developers and/or GM's before teleport commands were implemented. Most discussion on these firepots seem to agree the idea was scrapped after Shadows of Luclin and Planes of Power opened up more modes of travel.

Numerous curious adventurers have written about Miragul's Highway over the years.[1][2][3]

Timorous Deep Firepot Room

The firepot room was discovered in Timorous Deep shortly after first adventurers began venturing from Oasis to the The Ruins of Kunark. It is perhaps the only accessible part of Miragul's Highway - however it is unfortunately well within aggro range of Faydedar. Opportunistic adventurers should be careful about binding in the firepot room - some say that death loops have happened.

Note: On live, there was a patch that prevented binding in the firepot room about three or four days after Kunark came out.

The Firepot's and their Destination


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