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The Oceanlord

Followers of Prexus believe true power lies in the vast depths of Norrath's oceans. They believe that eons ago, life first formed in the murky deep and that one day the oceans shall rise again to consume those that are unworthy and embrace the faithful. The Oceanlord's servants tend to live and work near, on, or beneath large bodies of water. They seek to spread the word of Prexus to all who will hear and defend the oceans and seas of Norrath against any who would cause harm to them. Many sailors and fishermen are followers of Prexus.

However, while some fisherman may worship him, Prexus and his followers are actually against the practice of fishing, as evidenced in the text of the Fisherman Convert quest:

Dleria Mausrel says 'As I suspected. I shall assist you with your training and you shall assist the temple with your service. A young priest can help out by asking to [convert fishermen in Qeynos] or maybe even something truly great such as requesting to [protect the depths].'
Marlin Bizmite says 'Oh no!! Not another Prexus freak!! Listen up aqua man, if you think a man named Marlin has any chance of giving up fishing, you have got another think coming. Go night diving in the north pond, you might find some bait for your Prexus blessing.'
Bait Masterson says 'Prexus!!? Aye!! I once followed the ways of the Ocean Lord. I remember those days. So clear and peaceful were they. I shall make a deal with you, my friend. I shall give up fishing if you give me your guild tunic. With such a tunic I shall once again be compelled to follow the peaceful ways of the Ocean Lord.'
Bait Masterson says 'Nice material!! I feel the ways of Prexus enlightening my soul. Unngh!! Enough of this fishing. Here take my broken fishing pole an toss it to the sea. All hail Prexus!!'
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