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So you wish to study the ways of the Monk? Imagine a tranquil garden, sounds of water bubbling over a rocky fountain. Men and women move about quietly, whispering if conversation is necessary. They have no need of riches save for a few adornments. They are calm and unassuming. Suddenly an enemy breaks into the serene setting. As one, the quiet Monks spring into action. Hands and feet fly faster than eyes can see. Some wield staffs or other blunt weapons. The intruder has no chance, as the warrior priests use their unique prowess to quickly and efficiently vanquish the prowler. These are the Monks of Quellious and their agnostic brethren.

Far away on a bleak and desolate training ground, lizardlike Monks practice these same skills. They eschew all other races, but have much in common with their Human counterparts. All three of these sects have the same goal, mastery over body and mind for the purpose of defeating an enemy.

Monks have enviable abilities, regardless of their race. Their drive to master their bodies allows them to practice useful skills. They can fall from great heights without taking damage. They have the ability to heal some wounds without the use of bandages or spells, which is unique to their discipline. They can also fight without weapons, though there are stories of very powerful staves obtained in obscure places. Intelligent Monks will keep all their fighting skills up to perfection at all times, in case they have an opportunity to wield one of these fabled weapons.

As a Monk grows older, she gains the ability to hit more often, along with learning more specialized combat techniques. When she has a friendly magic user in the group to enhance her natural skills, she can be referred to as “a Human blender” (the Iksar have their own comparable term).

Another skill that is mastered by the Monks is the ability to feign death. This is perhaps their most important ability. It can allow them to save their entire adventuring party, by remaining behind while their friends escape.

The Monk is intimately aware of the working of his body. Because of this he is loath to wear any armor beyond leather. With few exceptions, all else is shunned by the sect. Weight is also a consideration; beyond 14 stones the Monk loses some of his natural tenacity, so he tends to travel light.

A tailor can make cured silk, which Monks love to wear. It is stylish and light, which is always a concern for Monks. There are also rumors of mesh and woven armor found in the caverns of Guk, but the sentient race of Frogloks are the ones who own it, and for many Monks killing sentient creatures in order to loot their possessions is not acceptable.

The dream of every Monk is to attain the skill and age necessary to enter the Planes of the Gods and kill the fabled Shiverback Gorillas, who are rumored to be the source of Shiverback hides. Other armors are available throughout the lands, but Shiverback armor may be the best Monk-only armor in the lands of Norrath.

A Monk is most effective in a group of adventurers. There is not much that a Monk can defeat on her own, but the Monk is a vital part of a group, as she can pull opponents to the group much more easily than other classes. She is also a significant source of damage. This does have its drawbacks, as it is difficult for other characters to taunt a monster off of a Monk. Again, the Feign Death skill is extremely useful in these situations, for if a monster is fooled by your supposed death, others have a chance of attracting its attention.

Though they are potent among the melee fighters in Norrath, the path of the Monk is not always easy. It takes skill and cunning to follow their path, but the rewards are great. I wish you well, young initiate, as you begin your journey to Grandmaster.

by Ester Ann Sauter

Class Titles

Level 1-50 Level 51-54 Level 55-59 Level 60
Monk Disciple Master Grandmaster

Creation Guide

It is important to make good decisions on Race, Starting Stats, and Religion. These things combined will allow you to create the Monk that makes you most happy.

Choosing Race

Male Iksar Monk from Casters Realm ~2000


Note: This will be the only choice in Classic Everquest until the first expansion releases, The Ruins of Kunark.

Humans level-up 20% faster than Iksar Monks, and have slightly more base hitpoints. They can enter all good cities in Norrath, but they have no night vision and lower dexterity and agility than the Iksar. Humans can do slightly more damage than Iksars at their full power, though this is only true when using Hand to Hand (without Celestial Fists).


Only available on servers with The Ruins of Kunark expansion enabled.

They have an innate boost to their armor class (AC) which stacks with the natural Monk AC boost. They also have faster health regeneration, infravision, and the ability to forage (although this ability is capped). They also start with 100 skill in swimming. Because of all these bonus abilities, they do slightly less damage than Humans at their full power, though this is only true when using Hand to Hand (without Celestial Fists). They are generally killed on sight in all cities but Cabilis, and level 20% slower than Humans. If you're min-maxing, Iksar is the clear choice, as regeneration is very important for soloing, pulling and living with FD up.

Starting Statistics

Human 80 80 85 85 75 75 75 20
Iksar 75 75 100 95 80 75 55 20

Note: Iksar is only available on servers that have released The Ruins of Kunark expansion.


Monks get little choice of religion. Humans can either be agnostic or follow Quellious. This choice will have only a slight impact on your faction: in general agnostics will be slightly better received in most places, but Quellious followers will better received by the (few) other Quellious worshippers. Both will be welcome in all good cities and killed on sight in evil ones.

Your choice of religion will determine your starting city: agnostic Monks begin in Qeynos, while Monks who follow Quellious will start in Freeport.


Combat Skills

Skill Name Level Obtained Cap until 50 Cap after 50
1H Blunt 1 240 252
2H Blunt 1 240 252
Defense 1 230 252
Hand to Hand 1 225 252
Offense 1 230 252
Dodge 1 200 230
Dual Wield 1 252 252
Kick 1 200 250
Mend 1 200 200
Throwing 1 113 200
Round Kick 5 200 225
Tiger Claw 10 200 225
Block 12 200 225
Double Attack 15 210 250
Feign Death 17 200 200
Intimidation 18 200 200
Eagle Strike 20 200 225
Dragon Punch / Tail Rake 25 200 225
Disarm 27 200 200
Flying Kick 30 200 225
Riposte 35 200 225
  • Note: For double attack, checks apply to off-hand attacks at 150 skill.
  • Note: Dual Wield skill level maximum is equal to (Level+1)*7. Dual Wield maxes out at level 37.
  • Note: At level 60, Monks get an innate chance to do a Triple Attack, on a successful Double Attack. It's an automatically added chance. *Further notes needed as to actual % chance*

Miscellaneous Skills

Monks can raise the following skills:

Level Trained Skill Cap
1 No Alcohol Tolerance 252
1 No Beg 200
1 No Bind Wound 210
1 No Fishing 200
1 No Forage (Iksar Only) 50
1 No Sense Heading 200
1 No Swimming 200
3 Yes Safe Fall 200
8 Yes Sneak 113
  • Bind Wound caps at 200 until level 51. Once you gain 201 skill at level 51, you can Bind Wound up to 70%.
  • Forage caps at 50. Human Monks do not get this skill.
  • Various Tradeskills

Monk-Specific Quests

  • Monk Epic Quest
  • The Lost Circle
  • Monks of The Whistling Fist
  • Grim's Tiger Revenge
  • The Treant Fists
  • Monk Sash Quests (Freeport)
  • Monk Headband Quests (Qeynos)
  • Monk Shackle Quests (Cabilis)

Monk Plane of Sky Tests Sparring Armor (Iksar)


  • Monk Thurgadin Armor Quests
  • Monk Kael Armor Quests
  • Monk Skyshrine Armor Quests


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