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A tribal race, these lizard-like warriors carry on a rich heritage of conquest, enslavement and destruction. 
Iksar are quite intelligent (despite their gargantuan size and warrior-like ways) and prefer to socialize within their own circles. - EverQuest manual

In Game Description

The fearsome and savage reptilian race on Norrath is known as the Iksar. With their significant height, scales, and long tails, Iksar are intimidating in their appearance. However, their reptilian physiology grants them a natural affinity for water, as well as enhanced regeneration.

Their entire civilization developed in isolation for centuries and fostered an unusual culture. The Iksar are a tribal race with a very simple social structure. Allies to no one, the Iksar are intelligent and proud. Having seen their race crumble through the toils of war, the race has become bitter about its loss of power. After being slaves and warring with the Ring of Scale, they were nearly made extinct.

The Iksar depend only on their god and creator, Cazic Thule. Iksar are unwelcome in all known cities of Norrath except Thurgadin. Iksar are no more fond of the other races of Norrath than those races are fond of them.

The Iksar live in the ancient city of Cabilis, on Kunark near the Lake of Ill Omen. It is a dark place with a maze of canals, which the Iksar use for travel around their city.

Additional Info

This reptilian race inhabits Cabilis, a city in the middle of the newly discoevered continent of Kunark ... newly-discovered to the rest of Norrath, that is, since the Iksar have been here all along. Those same folk who consider Kunark a new discovery, also tend to have a hard time telling one Iksar from another, or even male from female. Of medium size and similar shaape, the main difference between Iksar seems to be in the pattern and color of their facial scales, with the females more brightly colored than the males. Although the Iksar's unusual skin gives them regenerative abilities and a higher natural AC, one drawback to being covered in scales is the inability to comfortably wear plate armors.

As a race, the Iksar long ago were slaves to the now-extinct Shissar. After their captivity, the Iksar were empire builders who triumphed over the mighty dragon Ring of Scale, only to be crushed in turn, their ancient stronghold of Sebilis lost to them. The Iksar are a proud race, and hostile to all outsiders, for their history has taught them to trust none but their own kind.

The Iksar have acquired many survival skills over the years. In addition to regenerating hit points faster than most other races, the Iksar have natural damage absorption and are more resistant to heat, although they are somewhat more susceptible to the cold. Iksar are excellent swimmers, and since Cabilis itself has waterways rather than roads, this skill can be put to good use immediately. Iksar also have a natural ability to forage, and while they never become good at this, it's at least enough to keep them from starving. Living off the land is especially important for the traveling Iksar. Heat-based night vision lets them see in the dark better than Humankind, though not so well as the Dark Elves.

As a young Iksar in Cabilis, you start out far from the familiar hunting grounds of Antonica or Faydwer, and you should not plan to visit there any time soon. Cleave to your homeland, for there is enough adventuring in just the four areas surrounding the city to fuel your rise to your 30th level, and even beyond. You are the only race truly at home on Kunark, so take advantage of it.[1]

Basic Information

Iksar are hated by all other races but their own.

Increased Armor Class

Iksar start with a +15 AC bonus (+17 if they are a Warrior) over other races, which scales(!) with level. However, they cannot wear plate armor until the Velious expansion.

Increased HP Regeneration

Both Iksar and Trolls have higher HP regeneration rates (per tick). A "tick" happens every 6 seconds (server side).

Note: It does not matter whether you are sitting or standing between seconds 1 and 5, only the 6th second.

Other Races Iksar/Troll
Standing Feigned Sitting Level Range Standing Feigned Sitting
1 1 2 1-19 2 2 4
1 1 3 20-49 2 2 6
1 1 4 50 2 2 8
2 3 5 51-55 6 8 12
3 4 6 56-59 10 12 16
4 5 7 60 12 14 18


Slightly improved night vision, not as good as the Dark Elf's Ultravision.

Base Stats

70 70 90 85 80 75 55

Class Choices

Note: On modern clients, the character selection screen hides character stats. You may need to locate and click the "Advanced" button from the Character Creation screen to access it. The client will recommend a stat (highlighted in green) that it has invested points in for you. If you want to use those points on a different stat, you can click on the "-" key next to that stat to remove those points and then add those points elsewhere.

Monk 75 75 100 95 80 75 55 20
Necromancer 70 70 90 95 80 85 55 30
Shadow Knight 80 75 90 85 80 85 60 20
Shaman 70 75 90 85 90 75 60 30
Warrior 80 80 95 85 80 75 55 25

Male Faces

Race 128 gender 0 face 1.png Race 128 gender 0 face 2.png Race 128 gender 0 face 3.png Race 128 gender 0 face 4.png Race 128 gender 0 face 5.png Race 128 gender 0 face 6.png Race 128 gender 0 face 7.png Race 128 gender 0 face 8.png

Female Faces

Race 128 gender 1 face 1.png Race 128 gender 1 face 2.png Race 128 gender 1 face 3.png Race 128 gender 1 face 4.png Race 128 gender 1 face 5.png Race 128 gender 1 face 6.png Race 128 gender 1 face 7.png Race 128 gender 1 face 8.png


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